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The first thing Google has told us again and again is that we should focus on writing great content.  Write great looking articles or blog posts on your website that include pictures, videos and engaging content – within your target niche – and Google will eventually find your site.  It will not happen overnight, but if you develop a practice of adding quality, informative content to your site on a weekly basis, you make your site much more valuable in Google’s eyes.  Over time, as your site begins to gain momentum, there is no question that you will soon begin to move up in search results for your keywords.


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But writing great content is only one part of the equation.  The next thing Google suggests is that you properly optimize each of the pages on your website, to make it easier for human viewers to understand.  In turn, when Google’s spiders crawl your site, this important data will instruct it what each of your pages is about.  For example, using short, brief, and concise titles for your pages are a great way to inform everyone what a particular page is about. 




The description is also important.  Not only is your description a great way to paraphrase your page content in a sentence or two, it is also a great way to distinguish yourself in search results.  If you do not put a “meta” description in your page source code, your default description will be the first couple lines of copy from your web page.  While this may help provide a glimpse for a searcher, it may not be that compelling.  Write a separate, compelling description for each page on your site and you will entice a Google searcher to click on your site instead of your competitor’s site.




It has been called the “holy grail” of search engine optimization work for a website.  Backlinks are links back to your site from other sites on the internet.  There are so many different ways to get backlinks that we do not have time to go over them all here.  However, it is clear that a large number of backlinks pointing back to your site – with your keyword as the clickable link – will help your website to rank well for the keywords you are linking with.  Keep that in mind as you decide to embark on your small business SEO efforts.

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